img-510111843-0001          Imagine…                                                                               

       what it will be like when your White Paper, Case Study, or E-Newsletter is being written by someone
         truly capable of understanding your business viewpoint and your desired outcome.
Someone whose professional career spans a half century.
Your B2B marketing program will have the benefit of real-world experience such as:
   * Mechanical Engineering Degree and advanced Business Education.
   * Fortune 500 executive leadership in:
          Sales and marketing management; business administration; product distribution;
          Engineering; plant management; project management;
          Plant design;  plant construction and start up;
          Five years management experience in the Far East, guided the hiring and training of Chinese  personnel;                     
          Plant management consultation; plant systems; plant maintenance; supervision;
          Dismantlement, cleanup, and rehabilitation of manufacturing facilities;
          Personnel; training; safety management; (U.S. and abroad).
   * Served as Fortune 500 Consultant to the following industries over 12 year period:
                                      Commercial Aircraft Modification/ Manufacturing
                                      Automobile Manufacturer
                                      Recreation Vehicle Manufacturing
                                      Commercial Airline (Australia)
                                      Plywood / OSB Manufacturer/Distributor
                                      Steel Manufacturer (India)
                                      Aerospace Firm
                                      Commercial Sanitation
                                      Hospital System
                                      Copper Mining
                                      Major Oil Company
                                      Cement Distribution (Virgin Islands)
                                      Construction Companies (U.S. and India)
                                      Cruise Ship Industry
                                      Maritime Oil Platform Fabrication (India)
                                      Solid Waste Disposal/Recycling
                                      Aluminum Rolling Mill
   * Founded and operated his privately owned manufacturing firm for 10 years which was later sold.
   * As a U.S. Air Force Officer:
          Supervised 12 graduate engineers at an Air Defense Command Division Headquarters;
          Coordinated the engineering efforts required for facilities at 3 Strategic Air Command air bases,
          15 radar squadrons, and 3 fighter squadrons dispersed over Montana and North and
           South Dakota.
    * Trained in numerous AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc) copywriting programs.
  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  Jule Robbe

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